11 Ways to Grow your YouTube Live Audience

Whether you wish to grow your business, establish a personal brand, or increase subscribers on your gaming channel, YouTube live is here to help you attain your goals.

11 Ways to Grow your YouTube Live Audience

Whether you wish to grow your business, establish a personal brand, or increase subscribers on your gaming channel, YouTube live is here to help you attain your goals.

It can take a substantial amount of time to grow your YouTube live stream audience; however, with practical strategies and intellectual tactics, proliferating your audience count can become a lot quicker.

Tips to Grow Your YouTube Live Stream Audience

Publish a teaser on your channel

It is crucial to let your subscribers learn that you have a YouTube live stream scheduled, and publishing a teaser video on your channel is an effective way to do it.

Many of your YouTube channel subscribers would not even know you are going live until they see your teaser about its announcement.

SEO optimization

A couple of days before your live video, you can optimize your website as-well-as the SEO for your YouTube channel to the keywords from your video.

This step will help you raise your ranking on search engines and help you increase your YouTube live stream audience.

Everything from minor tweaks to entire content uploads will help you boost your positioning and attract more viewers.

Announce on social media

When you promote your YouTube Live beforehand, announcing on all your social media platforms is a very effective way to increase viewers.

It is highly likely that a lot of your Instagram followers might not have subscribed to your YouTube channel, and not every Facebook follower would have seen you on Instagram or YouTube.

To promote your live stream on social media, be sure that you -

  1. Publish several promotional posts all spread out amongst the days of the week
  2. Upload each post as per the social media that you are using
  3. Encourage followers to like, share, and comment on your posts

Get people to share your post

One of the best perks of social media is its convenient shareability.

When users share your posts, not only will your approach widen to their audience, but you will also get a personal recommendation, something that speaks volumes in the online realm.

With people sharing your posts to their contacts, you will see a significant jump in your YouTube live stream viewers.

Offer incentives

There are numerous ways that you can use to motivate your audience to share your content.

In most cases, people will demand a little more from you. For instance, providing incentives can significantly help, and in return for sharing your post, you can offer

  1. Premium content
  2. Contest with giveaways
  3. Discount coupons

You can even buy YouTube views online to increase your viewership and establish a name for yourself in any expertise that you stream.


Leveraging business partners is a splendid approach to increase your YouTube live stream audience. Often, they might share your promotion, and in exchange, you can bring them up in your live video.

Despite it being an effective strategy, you must not reach out to all your partners every time you intend to do a live stream. This approach works best when used occasionally to promote premium content.

If you are looking for a YouTube live streaming software, download Turnip and start streaming content on YouTube with no hassle.

Turnip also offers a feature called YouTube live stream viewer count to help you keep track of your total viewership and progress made by each day.

Provide offers and extra content

Your audience must feel like your live stream is worth their time, which is the most valuable currency.

Despite making sure that your promotional copy conveys the value of your live stream, you can also provide extra pieces of content specifically to those who join your live stream. The incentive content can be -

  1. Ebooks
  2. Templates
  3. Audio files
  4. Slide deck

Email your subscribers

Many YouTubers today have created an email list that enables them to communicate directly with their viewers and inform them when they upload a new video.

If you also have created an email list, consider this as an exceptional opportunity to interact with your subscribers and invite them to join your live stream.

Create promotional graphics assets

Once you have picked a topic, date, and time of the live video, start creating all the visual elements that you will require to promote it properly.

Visual elements might include -

  • Thumbnail
  • Promotional images and videos
  • Social media covers
  • Online banners

To increase your YouTube live stream audience, leveraging your online real estate is paramount.

If you have an abundance of free space online in the form of social media covers, email footer, website banners, and many others, you must use it to promote your live streams.

Partner with other YouTubers

If you have recently stepped into the domain of live video and you wish to grow your YouTube live stream audience fast, you can partner up with fellow YouTubers.

Performing video collaborations with fellow streamers can be extremely beneficial as it allows you to approach diverse audiences with related interests and potentially gain more subscribers.

Promote your live stream during vlogs

If you have a steady YouTube live show, you can choose to promote it during your vlogs or regular video uploads without having to worry about it being obsolete.

At the end of each video, you can motivate your followers to check out the teaser that you published on your account or social media for your live stream.

Turnip is a free live streaming software for YouTube to help you get started on live streaming and requires no expertise to navigate through the app.

With Turnip, you have access to a YouTube live stream dashboard to help you keep track of your progress and your viewers online.

Final Words

Despite these live video strategies and tactics being beneficial to help you increase your audience, without high-quality content, they will not act nearly as effective as you might have anticipated.

Once you work out the right content for your live streams, start working on additional pieces to complement it and begin promoting your channel using the tips mentioned above.