What’s new in the world of Turnip?

What’s new in the world of Turnip?

Club features, App Updates and so much more! Come know more about all the new things that the Turnip app has to offer!

When it HAS been our day, our week and our month so we’re here to cheer! 🎵 (We know that’s not the exact lyrics but if you didn’t try to read it in the F.R.I.E.N.D.S theme song tune, did you even read it properly?)

Heyy, we’re just messing around. But now that you’re here, hi!
We’ve had such an eventful month and who better to tell than YOU? Yes YOU! You’re the reason we’ve made it this far, you know. Well, come on, let’s go!

Insider Information 👀

You know we love the gaming & streaming world because aaahh 🤩, what a place to be in! But once we took that baby step outside this world, we realized that there is so much more that the world has to offer. Are you looking at the amount of talent present within the online space? The talent that lives within YOU? Well, there is lots of it. From Art, Dance, Music, Fashion and Photography, you have so much to offer. Oh and who can forget one of the most important mediums of online humor, MEMES.

So long story short, we had to meet all of you and what better place to meet other than our very own Turnip Clubs! So now you don’t have to look for different platforms to meet your community, you can meet them right here on Turnip.

You know what the best part is about these specific clubs? If your answer is "meeting new people" then yes of course but it’s also the contests that are held here!

There are many communities that run here which also hold a series of contests related to dance, art, fashion, gaming and much more! So if your interest is as simple yet vast as photography then don’t worry, Turnip’s got youuu!🫂

If this interests you, check out our app on the Play Store or App Store. We promise, it’s worth it 💜

Here’s an UPDATE about Turnip’s life

So much has been going on with us. We are constantly growing, so let’s start by giving you some updates, okay?

  1. Chat Updates:
Image 1: Chat Updates
  • You can now upload videos and 💜 react to them too
  • We're constantly trying to make Turnip a safe space for our users. Hence, chat moderation becomes an important feature with admin only chat option too!
  • Introducing Polls and Predictions. So if you're looking for an opinion or want to know what people are thinking about a specific match outcome, this is perfect for you!

2. Club Updates:

Image 2: Club Updates
  • You can now easily add banners to your rooms and clubs, giving them a personalized look!
  • Get event stats, Club visits to know how you did!
  • Get notified for various club events!
  • Switch between clubs you own with ease

3. Audio Updates:

Image 3: Audio Updates
  • Now easily make a speaker an admin from the chat section
  • Done with your audio call? End room instantly
  • Audio room reactions in iOS, making conversations more fun!

The Red Carpet

And indeed it is! Our ‘Fan Cafe’, a virtual community space, is the place where all celebrities, not actors (not yet!) but gaming rock stars, drop by to meet and have the best time with you!

Image 4: Turnip Fan Cafe

Free Fire and BGMI rock stars like Total Gaming or the famous Ajju Bhai, Tonde Gamer, Gyan Gaming, Raistar, Telugu Gaming FF and many more have made Fan Cafe lit 🔥

Not just celebrities but exciting events, discussion, open mics and game nights are hosted here too! 🎥🎤

Till we ready more updates and events for you, click here to see the events conducted on Fan Cafe and talk to your favorite creators!

People say Home is a place or a person but it could be an App too. And that’s what Turnip aspires to be, a home for your community 💟

We’ll see you real soon, okay?
Till then, Happy 'Turnip'ing!