Karting our way through NFTs

A brief understanding of what are NFTs, what is Blockchain Gaming, famous blockchain games and how to earn NFTs while you play!

Karting our way through NFTs

In a galaxy far, far away, NFTs were born. From images of apes, food, vintage art, music, finance, they took over the world and weren’t planning to leave anytime soon…

What is this NFT?

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are digital assets that represent the real world, ownership & belongingness of unique items. So behind all the digital tokens you see, there’s a unique data stored within it using blockchain technology which cannot be interchanged with anything else. Like how real-life artwork holds value, these do too!

Went above your head? 😅 Let’s make it simpler for you..

So, ‘non-fungible’ essentially means that it is irreplaceable and unique; one of a kind!

You know those really amazing Pokémon cards you used to have? Or something extremely vintage? Something like that but, digital!

While NFTs are a vast topic to talk about, we’re going to narrow it down a bit by talking about NFTs in the gaming arena and how one can Play To Earn NFTs as well.

What is Blockchain Gaming?

Let’s break this up a little.

Blockchain is a ledger based technology that acts as mode of storing and recording information and it cannot be tampered with. It is because of this that gamers and game developers have now realized the power of blockchain within the gaming space.

Traditionally, the game developers have complete ownership of the games. It is a very centralized system that gives them complete control over the functioning and dynamics of the game. So the purchase and exchange of items in the game, even though the players purchase the goods with real money, don’t really own it because of this centralized model. So everything that you may own, even your account, doesn’t fully belong to you 😪

With the introduction of blockchain into gaming, the gaming model has now become decentralized. Which means that you, as a gamer, will have more ownership and transparency of the game. For instance, the in-game assets that you own (here assets are represented as NFTs) will now entirely be owned by you. Cool isn’t it?

I know you’re wondering, “Can I earn money from blockchain games?” Well, within blockchain games, NFTs are an important feature of it. The NFTs that you own within the game can be traded with players from the same game or across platforms.

Just like how you make money from physical marketplaces, now you can do the same within blockchain gaming!

With this form of gaming, you can either unlock/earn new NFTs, create or breed new characters in the game or even buy NFTs on third-party marketplaces. Whatever you may choose from this, you’re the rightful owner of that NFT and have full rights to these game assets. You can even sell or trade these NFTs and earn while you play!

Blockchain Games

Here’s a list of a few blockchain games that you could play to earn:

  1. Axie Infinity

A game that is deemed similar to Pokémon, here you can breed, buy, exchange and even use Axies to battle in tournaments. Axies are the NFTs that can be sold for thousands of dollars or even more!

As each Axies has its own strengths and weaknesses, the price of the Axies is decided upon that. The rarer an Axie, the higher the price!

1. Axie Infinity

2. The Sandbox

Here you can build & own land and participate in virtual experiences. All the features in this game can be purchased through a SAND token which leads in your contribution to this virtual economy. But more than just tending to your land, you can also trade NFTs which help in customizing your in-game characters.

2. The Sandbox

3. Battle Racers

The whole idea of the game is to design the most powerful car using weapons or different accessories. Your winnings or prized cars can be registered as NFTs and can be bought, sold or traded!

3. Battle Racers

There’s a plethora of games available which can help you earn/buy NFTs. Virtual economies within games have opened up a space within this spectrum which lets you have complete ownership of your belongings!

Our Favorite Games as Blockchain Games

Now just imagine that in addition to the existing Blockchain games, what if our favorite games had some NFTs too? For instance, Pokémon Go or BGMI!

Some Pokémon's would be NFTs that could be bought, sold and/or traded within battle arenas or within a certain blockchain forum in the game itself. Within BGMI, what if some of the really cool skins or guns were NFTs! What do you think?

4. Fictional NFTs

The NFT space is vast and ever changing and because of this, we cannot wait to see what the future holds for the gaming industry.

Till then, Happy Streaming!