All-Time Best Minecraft Houses You Need to Check Out!

The only limit to what you can create in Minecraft is your creativity and the open-world that measures nearly 900 million square kilometers (That’s twice the surface area of the Earth!).

All-Time Best Minecraft Houses You Need to Check Out!

Minecraft is one of the most popular games to have ever been created. Whether you’re a child or an adult, the game has something in store for everybody. The only limit to what you can create in Minecraft is your creativity and the open-world that measures nearly 900 million square kilometers (That’s twice the surface area of the Earth!).

Over the past 11 years, the game’s creative community has built several structures such as recreations of sprawling cities and impressive star ships.

Read on to find out about the hall of fame of the best houses to have ever been built in Minecraft.

Island Mansion by JerenVids

Source: YouTube

In 2017, YouTuber JerenVids built a sprawling mansion, called ‘G’, complete with wood-paneled walls and luxurious indoor pools on an island!

The mansion features three floors, a large garage, and an indoor garden area. The build uses the Flows HD 1.9 128x128 texture pack and SEUS v10.1 shader to give it rich detail and beautiful graphics.

Here’s a video of the build on JerenVid’s channel that gives us a tour of all the different rooms in the spacious avant-garde mansion in all its majesty!

Kreuzenstein by Cortezerino

Source: Youtube

Kreuzenstein is Cortezerino’s breath-taking build of a real medieval castle of the same name situated in Austria has left us speechless!

What makes this creation especially impressive is the fact that the build was entirely in Survival mode and took Cortezerino five whole months to complete with all the attention to detail. Taking after the original castle, the YouTuber’s build primarily makes use of stone blocks. He uses Replay Mod, Optifine, and Sildur’s Vibrant Shaders to craft it to perfection.

Be sure to watch the video on his channel that shows a timelapse of his build from start to finish!

The Halls of Reflection by Jeracraft

Source: YouTube

The Halls of Reflection is a majestic monument built atop Jeracraft’s take on Mount Olympus. What makes the monument stand out is the idea that it derives its name from — reflection! The floors are made of glass and ice, which reflect the interiors of the massive megastructure.

Apart from being situated on a tall mountain, the structure is fortified by a cobblestone wall inspired by the Great Wall of China and features waterfalls that flow across massive bridges that connect parts of the terraformed map that lead up to the structure.

The YouTuber nearly reached the maximum vertical height of 256 blocks! While his project started with just the monument, he ended up building a fully-functional city to go with it.

Check out his YouTube video that walks us through how he built the Halls of Reflection over three weeks!

The Minecraft Underground Kingdom by TrixyBlox

Source: YouTube

TrixyBlox’s Minecraft Underground Kingdom features a large fortress, massive humanoid statues built of stone, functional water-wheels, ships, and dock systems that were inspired by Erebor of the Hobbit world.

TrixyBlox used Optifine, Replay Mod, World Edit, Voxel Sniper mods, and plugins to build the world along with BSL Shaders for the impressive level of detail that it features. The structure is TrixyBlox’s biggest ever build, and we have no reason not to believe him when he says it took him the majority of the year to build this project!

This three-part video series on YouTube details how he went about building this astonishingly impressive project.

Underwater Redstone Survival Base by UnspeakableGaming

Source: YouTube

UnspeakableGaming came up with the Underwater Redstone Survival Base that he claims is the safest and biggest underwater house built using Redstone in the history of Minecraft. You would have to get through 15 combination locks and traps to even get into the house, which is quite a feat in itself, thereby attesting his claims of it being the safest bunker ever.

The interior of the project is quite interesting, making it quite rewarding to make it through all the traps and locks that you need to pass through to get into the building and explore the various detailed rooms, such as a huge bedroom, a kitchen, a conference room, and a dining room.

The intricately designed security system is sure to keep out any mobs or griefers that might try to harm you. However, keep in mind that you will need to amass a lot of blocks and materials to attempt to build it in survival mode. Another bonus is that the build also features a friendly little pet pig inside!

Watch his fun YouTube video on the project that shows him demonstrate getting through all the various puzzles that are part of his build’s elaborate security system!

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