While gaming is always fun, some of us can’t accommodate it into our busy lifestyles. Games like Call of Duty: Mobile and PUBG Mobile are time-intensive and competitive and aren’t the ideal choice for anyone just looking to have some fun while taking a quick snack break. This is why casual games are making a lot of noise! Their simplicity makes it easy to hop into a quick game to relax before you get back to work and can be a great companion to quickly destress you.

Here’s a list of the best casual Android games:

Alto’s Odyssey

Best casual games - Alto's Odyssey
Source: Wikimedia

Alto’s Odyssey is a simple title that features a gorgeous landscape with dunes, sunsets, and starry skies. It’s an endless runner that has you speeding through the beautiful backdrop along with a soothing soundtrack that is mesmerizing. The game has a dedicated zen mode to help you relax and give yourself a break which makes it a favorite among fans of casual mobile games. The title has a lot of content to keep you engaged, with regular updates ensuring that you don’t get bored of stale content. With so many levels to get through, there’s no doubt that Alto’s Odyssey will help you while away your free time with ease.

Alto’s Odyssey is available for free on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Two Dots

Best casual games - Two dots
Source: dots.co

Two Dots is a sequel to the Dots, which was all the rage when it came out in 2013. The game has a simple objective: to connect dots of the same color. Despite the game’s simplicity, it’s quite addictive and can keep you engaged for hours if you wanted. However, the puzzle game is still a great way to relax and rejuvenate during breaks and doesn’t hinder your productivity, making it a great choice for anyone looking to play casual games on their phone. Featuring over 900 levels with a gorgeous flat-design interface, the player connects dots of the same color to advance to the next level and collect interesting little collectibles on the way.

Two Dots is available for free on the Google Play Store and App Store.


Best casual games - PinOut
Source: Mediocre AB

PinOut! is yet another beautifully crafted game with an equally hypnotic retro wave soundtrack that is reminiscent of the futuristic aesthetic of the 80s. PinOut! is stunning to the eye and is unmistakable with its glowing neon lights giving the player an exciting and relaxing arcade-style experience. The pinball game has you racing against time to get through levels that get increasingly intense. The game is free-to-play and features no ads, with the only premium feature being an optional upgrade that lets you continue the game from checkpoints.

PinOut! is available for free on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Smash Hit

Best casual games - Smash Hit
Source: Play Store

Smash Hit has players smashing through panes of glass with a ball. The relaxing game features a soundtrack with music that changes based on the level. The game is a delight to the eye and perfect for anyone looking to play something to get their minds off of something. With over 50 free levels and several modes that can be purchased, the game keeps you engaged for as long as you’d like. Interestingly, there is also a VR version of the game for Gear VR for when you want a more immersive experience.

Smash Hit is available for free on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Tape It Up!

Best casual games - Tape it up
Source: tape-it-up.com

Tape It Up! is a simple game that finds players in a factory making sure packages are sealed by taping them up, as the name would imply. There are various items you can use to seal packages such as dynamites and octopuses. With over 50 levels and several featured themes, the game will keep you at it for hours if you want to but is also perfect for a quick game over coffee.

Tape it Up! is available for free on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Battle Cats

Best casual games - Battle cats
Source: Play Store

If you love cats and hyper-casual games that help you relax, Battle Cats is the way to go. It features cute little cats that go up against armies of other cats in a bid to dominate the world. There are several hundred levels to get through, and there is an interesting story mode to go with it as well.

Battle Cats is available for free on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Pocket World 3D

Best casual games - Pocket world
Source: Play Store

This game is all about building tiny scale models of various structures such as monuments like the Eiffel Tower as well as trains and houses. The game is a puzzle and gives players a fun challenge to try and figure out which piece goes where. You can build your little 3D world and trust us when we say it’s a soothing experience. Once you’ve built your structures, you can view them from any angle and appreciate the beautiful details that have gone into building them.

Pocket World 3D is available for free on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Johnny Trigger

Best casual games - Johnny trigger
Source: Play Store

Likely, you’ve already heard of Johnny Trigger, the game that has taken social media by storm! Take on mob bosses and other criminal overlords of the underground mafia playing as Johnny Trigger, a special agent who is great at marksmanship! The game is fun to play and can keep you hooked throughout the several levels that it offers.

Johnny Trigger is available for free on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Battlelands Royale

Best casual games - Battlelands royale
Source: Futureplay

Battlelands Royale is a cute, fun take on the battle royale format. While it doesn’t feature the complex game mechanics or graphics of other battle royale games, Battlelands Royale is perfect for the casual player with each match featuring 32 players and only takes a few minutes to complete.

Battlelands Royale is available for free on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Mini Metro

Best casual games - Mini metro
Source: Dinosaur Polo Club

Mini Metro has a simple premise: design a metro system to create a functional transportation system and grow it as the city grows. There are limited resources to give you a challenge and keep it interesting and fun. This strategy game is great for anyone looking for a quick game to chill out to.

Mini Metro is available for free on the Google Play Store and App Store.

That's all folks! That was our list of the best casual Android games - hope you find these games fun as much as we did.

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