Best Screen Recorder: Record Videos in HD quality for FREE!

Looking for a free of cost recorder to capture your best moments?

Best Screen Recorder: Record Videos in HD quality for FREE!

As a content creator, you know the feeling of browsing all over the internet searching for that one perfect screen recording app that has all the features that you want! One that could record your streams with internal audio, game sound, teammates audio and your own voice at the same time? One that lets you record in 1080p HD quality for free? No lags, No ads? Your search ends here!

Introducing Turnip Screen Recorder, come record your best gaming moments in high quality for absolutely FREE!

What Can You Use It For?

When you start your journey as a content creator, it is important for you to grow your channel as well as your audience. For this, Screen Recording of your gaming moments is the best content strategy!

Here’s a list of what all you can record with Turnip Screen Recorder to kickstart your journey:

1. Montage Clip
  1. Montages: Snippets of your best headshots, difficult stages of a game, checkmates, Winner Winner Chicken Dinners, Minecraft videos or anything else you’d love to record!
2. Gameplay Videos

2. Game Play Videos: Wanting to record an entire match? We’ve got you covered!

3. Tips and Tricks videos

3. Tips and Tricks: Have a hack you’d like to show to your audience or tutorial videos? You can easily record them too!

4. Game Reviews/Updates Videos

4. Game Reviews/ Updates: Easily record voice over videos by selecting ‘Microphone’ in the ‘Record Audio’ option under settings!

All you have to do is play your mobile games, record them using the Turnip Screen Recorder and upload them regularly on your channel. Remember, consistency is key so keep playing and recording, you’ve got this!

Why Use the Turnip Screen Recorder?

There are many times that we wished that we could record an amazing moment from one of our games. Be it a checkmate, a one of a kind headshot or just some tips and tricks that you’d like to share with your audience and it is just for this moment, Turnip Screen Recorder is here for the rescue!

  1. 🙅No Ads, No interruptions: We know how frustrating ads can be, especially while streaming content or just in general. With this feature, you’ll be going through an ad-free experience of recording your content!
  2. 🚫 No Lag — No Frame Drop: One of the most common problems that creators face is game lag & frame drops but with this feature, these are a thing of the past! It’s time to start recording your streams with zero frame drops and glitches. Best in performance for long recordings!
  3. 🎉 1080p HD Quality: Who likes to see gameplay recordings of low quality, right? That’s why the app supports 1080p HD quality recording for FREE!
  4. ⏺️ Record Internal Audio: With this, you’ll be able to record Game Audio as well as the Mic Audio and record gameplays and tutorial videos seamlessly. You know what this means, right? No extra editing or voiceover needed!
  5. 📹 Record While Streaming: With this feature, you can record and stream your content at the same time. Not just this, record your content offline as well and easily save it on your device.
  6. ⏯️ Pause anytime: Phone storage giving you a hard time? Well, you don’t need to worry about that anymore. With us, pause your recording at any given moment. Now, capture the best of your moments without any worries!

Saving the best for last…

7. 👍 Everything inside a single app: All your streaming and recording needs are solved through our Turnip app and that too absolutely FREE! Say goodbye to lags, ads and everything that disrupts your streaming experience, all with Turnip!


1. Download Turnip

Download the latest version of Turnip on your mobile device. You can download it from the Play Store (Not available on the App Store YET!😔)

2. Open The App

When you open the app, click on ‘Stream/Record Tab’. Once done, you’ll get an option to ‘Record Video’. Now remember, you can record a video with or without going online to stream!

Points 1&2: Download and Open The App

3. Choose your preferred recorder settings

Here’s what you can do for an optimized experience:

-📱Recorder Resolution: The higher the resolution, the better the quality of the video. It ranges from 240p to 1080p. (Pro Tip: Record at 1080p free of cost!)

-📱Recording Bitrate: Higher quality means larger recording size, so choose wisely! Settings range from 500 Kbps to 6 Mbps.

-📱Frame Rate: Higher the FPS, smoother the video!
Frame Rate ranges from 20 FPS to 60 FPS.

-📱Record Audio: Here you have the option of choosing to record Internal Audio, which records the game sound and Microphone which records the mic audio. You can opt for both or either one, as per your preference!

Point 3: Recorder Settings

Done choosing your recorder settings? Go ahead and click on ‘Go To Recorder’ and start recording!

When you choose to record your content through the Turnip App, it becomes easy for you to record as per your needs through the ‘Recorder Settings’ and the option of Pausing and Playing the recording as and when you wish. The app helps you to curate content without the need of extra editing, external app usage, etc. and all of this for FREE!

So go ahead and download the Turnip app for a hassle-free recording and streaming experience!

More app updates await but till then, Happy Streaming!