How to Earn Money Through Facebook Live?

Facebook monetization rules have changed and evolved over time, but there are a few failproof ways in which you can make money. There are no set benchmarks for Facebook monetization eligibility. If you want to make money on this platform, these are a few strategies you can adopt.

How to Earn Money Through Facebook Live?

Live streaming has become a very popular way for content creators and social media influencers to make money. A few years ago, who would have thought that sharing your activities live on the internet would make you rich? Yet, that’s the reality now.

Millions of people around the world have tried their hands at live streaming over social media. Now, Facebook has joined the bandwagon and is providing great options for users to make money by streaming content.

 How to make money from Facebook gaming
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Now you may wonder, how to earn money from Facebook live streaming or gaming? Well, the answer is that there are many ways to monetize your live videos. In this article, we will discuss how to earn money from Facebook live streaming and become rich and famous, all from the comfort of your own space.

Facebook Live Stream

Facebook has emerged as a leading live streaming platform in recent years. More than 80 percent of Facebook users view live streams. With real-time interaction with your followers, you can build up a brand reputation and real connections, which in turn translates to more popularity and revenue.

You can go live on Facebook with these simple steps.

  • On the Facebook Home Page, tap the Live icon below the status bar that lets you post on the platform.
  • Provide access to your camera and microphone when prompted.
  • Choose privacy settings on the top of your screen.
  • Apply any additional settings as you wish.
  • You can also put filters, invite friends, and do lots more in this feature.
  • Add a description. Make sure to optimize it.
  • Optionally, tag people, choose a location or add an activity.
  • Change your camera’s orientation or any other default settings.
  • When done, press “Start Live Video” and stream whatever you want.
  • After finishing your stream, tap Finish and save the video to your camera roll.

Now, that you know how to stream, you should know more about Facebook Live monetization.

Facebook live streaming
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How to Earn Money Through Facebook Live Streaming

Facebook monetization rules have changed and evolved over time, but there are a few failproof ways in which you can make money. There are no set benchmarks for Facebook monetization eligibility. If you want to make money on this platform, these are a few strategies you can adopt.

Ad Breaks

Ad breaks are a surefire way to ensure you make money through your live videos. However, you are only allowed to insert ad breaks when more than 300 people are watching at the same time. To set up an ad break, your video must be at least 90 seconds long, which is very lenient compared to YouTube standards.

While streaming live, you can take short breaks to run advertisements. Any revenue collected from those ads will be shared with you on a 55/45 basis, with Facebook keeping 45% of the profits. All you have to do is set up ad breaks from your profile, with a maximum length of 15 seconds each.

Viewers cannot skip ads during live streams, which ensures revenue for you. And the best part is, you will keep earning money from the ads even if people watch it after the live stream has ended. However, users with Copyright or Community Standards warnings cannot use this feature.

Facebook Stars and Facebook Gaming Partners

Facebook has a new feature for content streamers who are looking to make money. With their Stars feature, viewers can help streamers to make money in real-time. Your viewers can buy stars for you and send them in the comment section.

This ensures their comments get top priority. Alongside, you get paid a cent for every star. This is a slow but sure way to make money, and your revenue stream will become steadier with the number of followers you gain.

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Facebook Gaming is another area for you to make loads of money while playing your favorite video games. Several gamers have confessed to making more money on Facebook, compared to YouTube or Twitch. So, if you’re asking around about what is the best platform for live streaming video games, look no further.

You can access the gaming tab on the right of the home page. Here, users can play games, watch live streams, and connect with their favorite gamers.

Subscriptions or Pay Per Views

This revenue model works in integration with other streaming apps but can fetch you a high percentage of profit if used wisely. The pay per view system works by asking followers to pay for premium live content. To get access to all such hidden content, fans can take up a subscription.

This basically works as periodic donations to your celebrity to keep up the great content. Apps like Patreon let you donate to your favorite content creators and get exclusive access to their videos. While Patreon itself does not support live streaming, you can integrate it with Facebook Live for a better experience.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs work well globally and are also an important part of Facebook video monetization in India. Here’s how an affiliate program works.

You can get a special link or promo code from a brand or sponsor, which you can get advertise on your live stream. When users visit that link or buy a product using your promo code, you will get a percentage of the sale revenue.

These programs guarantee a working commission to content creators. You must have seen beauty bloggers posting promo codes or links to buy their advertised products. This way they can make money off their content even after the live stream ends.


Many potential creators remain sceptical in the beginning as they’re unsure about how to earn money from Facebook live streaming. But with Facebook’s live streaming option at your fingertips, all these worries are no longer valid. Now, you can start streaming content live on Facebook and making a ton of money while you’re at it!