Multistreaming - Easy Way to Double Your Growth

Multistreaming - Easy Way to Double Your Growth

Choosing the perfect platform to stream your games can be quite a pain.

On the one hand, you have the all-powerful, heavy-weight champion Twitch.

And on the other hand, you can be live streaming on YouTube and Facebook, both of which are emerging as strong contenders as streaming channels. So which one should it be? 🤔

We say, why choose just one when you can be at several places at once? 💡

What is Multistreaming?

Multistreaming, also known as simulcasting (simultaneous + casting), is the newest trend that is ready to take over the gaming universe.

It allows you to stream the same live content over multiple platforms simultaneously. Hence, you could be live streaming on YouTube and Facebook, and Twitch - all at the same time!

Different Ways to Multistream

Here are three ways through which you can multistream your content:

Multistreaming Using Software

You may find streaming software, like Wirecast, vMix, XSplit, etc., which allows the user to stream to multiple channels at once. These applications may also come with built-in presets that allow optimum display regardless of the destination.

Copy and paste the RTMP along with the stream key values into the software, and let it handle the rest. However, do bear in mind that you will need high upload speed and processing power in proportion to the number of streaming locations. So, if you do not have a powerful device, your viewers will notice lags, audio/video lag, frame drops, etc.

Multistreaming Through Hardware

While streaming through hardware, an encoder carries out the job of the multistreaming software application and does all the heavy lifting. 💪

Here again, the streams have to be individually configured using the stream key values and RTMP. However, the hardware encoder is much more reliable than its software counterpart. It is made possible as a chunk of the processing is carried out by the hardware setup in the encoder. Regardless, you would still need a high-speed internet connection.

Multistreaming Over Cloud

Multistreaming over cloud technology is making hardware and software streaming/multistreaming look like old fogies. Cloud-based multistream accepts your live feed and distributes it across all your preferred CDN platforms.

It allows absolute scalability and flexibility as it manages all the CPU and bandwidth requirements dynamically. Hence, you do not necessarily need a fancy-schmancy setup (while it would fetch you some brownie points 🤩) and nor do you need a Usain Bolt level super-high-speed internet.

Given that you do not have to invest in any equipment or infrastructure and only pay the subscription cost as per your usage, Cloud streaming is the most preferred medium for small to reputable gamers live streaming on YouTube and Facebook.

But, what if you don't have the complicated software and hardware? Well, we have one app to help you multistream on Facebook and YouTube. Yes, you don't need a Bachelor's degree in IT to start multistreaming. Just download Turnip app and start livestreaming to Facebook and YouTube with just your phone.

How Multistreaming Helps You Grow Your Channel

The greatest advantage of multistreaming is clear - it helps you grow. But how does live streaming on YouTube and Facebook achieve this result?

Let’s break it down:

Greater Reach

You may have heard about the long arm of the law. But did you also know about the long arms of live streaming on YouTube and Facebook? (Yes, that’s a thing)

As a streamer, you would want to be available on the platforms where your audiences are present rather than steering your audiences. And establishing your presence on multiple channels will improve your chances of getting noticed! Thus, gain some exposure on various channels to easily multiple your viewership.

Extracting Benefits of Each Platform

Every streaming platform has its fair share of advantages.

For instance, Facebook prioritizes video content. On the other hand, YouTube is a powerful video-based search engine and the go-to platform for video viewers. Similarly, Twitch serves die-hard gaming fans. In the same vein, these platforms also have their own set of drawbacks. Multistreaming offsets all these pros and cons.

Additionally, these platforms offer broad and granular control over your audience demographics.

Collecting Viewer Insights

Multistreaming allows you to gauge the performance of your content across several platforms. As a result, you can leave out the low-performers and focus on destinations that give you appreciable results. So, if you are live streaming on YouTube and Facebook, you can enjoy its built-in functionalities that collect metrics such as the number of views, imprints, participants, etc.

In addition to analyzing content performance, it also allows you to test out any new avenues where you can post.

Efficient Usage of Time

Stream → Save → Download → Upload to another platform 🔁 - does this cycle appear familiar? With multistreaming, you can bypass all these painfully long processes and automatically repurposes your existing content across platforms. Think of all the new games that you can try out in the time that you save!!!

Should You Multistream?

If you want the short answer - Hell, yes!

For the long answer, re-read this post from the start (or from the benefits of multistreaming if you want a shortcut), and there you will have it!

Live streaming simultaneously on multiple platforms, like YouTube and Facebook, can contribute to the overall growth of your channel. So go ahead, get recording and streaming now 📹!