The Indian government banned PUBG Mobile along with several other apps on the 2nd of September, 2020, leaving several beloved fans and avid gamers in the dark. PUBG Mobile changed the way gaming is perceived and consumed in India, introducing cutting edge graphics and complex third-person shooter mechanics in a battle royale format that people loved all over the world, and especially in India.

With reports suggesting that the PUBG Mobile had anywhere from 33 to 50 million active users in India, it would be an understatement to say that the game was well-received. The ban has impacted the entire PUBG Mobile community and proved to be a major impediment to the PUBG Mobile phenomenon which took the country by storm.

While casual players were affected too, it was the professional players in the eSports scene who were hit the hardest as they could no longer play the game or monetize content that they created based on the game.

While it is unlikely that the ban on the battle-royale game will be lifted anytime soon, avid gamers from across the country have found alternative ways to bypass the ban to allow them to drop into the battlefield of their favourite game.

Read on to see how to play PUBG after the ban:

How to Play PUBG After Ban in India

It is not inconceivable to think that gamers have found workarounds that allow them to play PUBG in India despite the ban, considering that many of them have invested a lot of money into in-game skins and other consumables. The ban has left many users thinking about how to play PUBG after the ban in India.

Currently, upon logging in to the game, players are greeted with an ominous error that reads “Network error, login failed. Please check your network settings.”

There are two ways to bypass the PUBG Mobile ban.

Method 1: Using VPN

The first method to bypass restrictions on PUBG Mobile and play your favourite battle royale game includes the use of a VPN, which will allow you to connect to PUBG servers that are located elsewhere in the world where the game is not banned.

The first step is to download a VPN app from the App Store or Google Play Store with good reviews. Ensure that it has support for US servers and install it.

Configure the VPN by installing the VPN profile as prompted and connect to a server in the US. Please note that using any other servers are unlikely to work and ensure that you are connected to the VPN server in the US before you launch PUBG Mobile.

You can now launch and log in to PUBG Mobile as you would normally and hop into an action-packed game without an issue. Your progress will be restored, but make sure you read through PUBGs terms and conditions before attempting to do this to ensure that you’re not violating any terms of service.

It is important to note that PUBG Mobile discourages the use of VPNs and cautions that it might cause lag that may lead to the loss of ranking tier points.

Method 2: Downloading the Korean version of PUBG Mobile

The second method to play PUBG Mobile in India after the ban is to download the Korean version of the game.

For iOS:

The first step to download the Korean version of PUBG Mobile is to either change your existing Apple ID’s region to Korea or to create a new Apple ID with the region set to Korea. If you choose to change your region, ensure that any balance in your Apple account must be redeemed before changing regions for this to work.

Once you’ve done this, you can go to the App Store and search for PUBG and download the Korean version of the app published by PUBG Corporation.

For Android:

To download the Korean version of PUBG on Android, you’ll need to use a VPN that supports South Korean servers and create an alternative Gmail account.

Configure your VPN and connect to a South Korean server, which will allow you to access the Korean Play Store.

Search for PUBG on the Korean Play Store, install the app, and enjoy a thrilling battle royale experience in Pochinki.

You will now be able to install and play the game, but will not be able to access your account from the global version and will have to start afresh. While this is not ideal, it is better than not being able to play the game at all.

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