Wondering how to start a gaming channel on YouTube or Facebook?

Do you plan on being an overnight sensation that takes the YouTube gaming app by the storm, or are you on here to hustle and establish your YouTube gaming channel for the long haul?

Every once in a while, a small percentage of YouTube content creators get lucky with a one-off viral video that keeps earning them audiences in the long run. However, sustaining this interest is equally vital to ensure that you don’t fizzle out.

If your answer is, “I’m in this for the long run, baby,” then you’re going to need every help possible to make your way to success. Making a name on YouTube is a marathon and not a sprint.

Regardless of your choice, you will need the YouTube game streaming tips that we have right here. So let’s cut right to it!

Find Your Niche (and Stick to it)

What? Find your niche? Isn’t that what “gaming” is? Your niche?

We hear you.

Types of Games to play to Start A Gaming Channel

But, you should also know that you cannot work with something as broad as just “gaming”, especially in the early days of your YouTube gaming channel. It will only drown you out and lessen your chances of getting discovered.

Plus, as a gamer and content creator, you know that there are several ways to present your content. And you need to start with stuff that you excel at. So play around with multiple gaming video ideas and go with something that you find entertaining.

Hence, narrow down the type of content and create a niche within the gaming niche. Here is a list of the games to play to grow your new gaming channel!

Stay Consistent

Rick and Morty may be wildly popular. However, creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon get a lot of flak for releasing the seasons too late. So if Roiland and Harmon can attract public outrage for something as loved as Rick and Morty, imagine what inconsistency can do to your YouTube gaming channel!

Your viewers are investing their time and emotions into your content, and you have to deliver to their expectations. Thus, fixing a YouTube game streaming schedule can keep you on track.

Also, producing content regularly improves your chances of getting noticed as YouTube’s algorithms promote channels with high engagement. So all the more reasons to get yourself out there.

Engage Your Audiences

Speaking of how to start YouTube gaming channel, you will also have to proactively work towards engaging your viewers. Since gaming is an interactive medium, you must also attempt to replicate the same on your channel.

Gaming channel on YouTube - hungarian
Photo by Szabo Viktor / Unsplash

Tap into your inner show person to create fun and entertaining content during YouTube gaming live streams. Similarly, explore and experiment with different gaming video ideas to cut through the monotony and add variety to your channel. Most importantly, read and respond to the comments that your audiences leave for you on YouTube or other social media platforms.

Customize Your YouTube Gaming Channel

Start a gaming channel with custom logos

First impressions matter. If you manage to grab the attention of a casual viewer scrolling through multiple channels on the YouTube gaming app, you would implicitly compel them to check out your videos. And who knows, this might translate into long-term viewership!

So invest in making your YouTube gaming channel presentable. You can achieve that through custom channel art, banners, overlays, logos, and avatars. These graphic elements will also help establish your brands.

Collaborate With Other YouTubers

Collaborate with others when starting a gaming channel

One of the most underrated YouTube gaming tips is to get as many people involved as possible. Whether you are YouTube gaming live streaming or just having a tete-a-tete with them as friends, invite other YouTubers to your channel. You could participate in friendly matches or talk about your favourite games or recall your whole journey as a YouTuber in general. It allows you to grow your viewer base by promoting yourself on the collaborator’s channel and vice versa.

Pay Attention to SEO

Start a gaming channel, make SEO friendly videos
Photo by Myriam Jessier / Unsplash

As someone who wants to make it big on the YouTube gaming app, you simply cannot afford to overlook SEO. Essentially, YouTube is a search engine, and if you plan on getting your YouTube gaming channel noticed, you need to treat it as such. Start by tagging and titling your videos from a viewer’s point of view. Include video descriptions and incorporate basic keywords wherever possible. Once you have covered these basics, you can graduate to higher-level stuff like creating custom thumbnails, end titles, intros/outros, and so on.

Learn From Your Competitors

What could be a better source of perpetual YouTube gaming tips other than well-established YouTubers and your competitors? You could turn to them for wisdom on YouTube gaming channel ideas, to know about trending gaming content formats, or the latest games.

However, while drawing inspiration from these stalwarts, make it a point to establish your own brand and voice. Eventually, people may come to see the videos, but they stay for you. So if you want more subscribers, work on creating your very own unique persona.

Final Thoughts

The above YouTube game tips will help you stay ahead of the competition. Try these out, and stardom will soon follow!