While gamers wonder about PUBG’s comeback in India, an Indian game is gaining solid ground among fans. Yes, we’re talking about the highly anticipated and advertised game - FAU-G. Announced right after the PUBG ban in September 2020, FAU-G is finally open for pre-registration on Play Store. In fact, it has already started breaking records. With 1.09 million registrations within 24 hours, FAU-G has become the first-ever game to achieve this milestone!

So without further ado let’s learn all about this new game and the hype around it!

FAU-G Explained

Developed by nCore Games, FAU-G stands for The Fearless and United Guards. The game lets players dive deep into the battleground on India’s highest peaks, where soldiers fight for the country’s sovereignty. The game pays a tribute to the real warriors of India and provides players a peek into their life.

FAU-G is not a battle royale game as of yet. It will simply contain chapters that the players will navigate through to learn about crucial historic events and the life of an Indian soldier. The developers may introduce a battle royale format in the future.

“Fight for survival against the unforgiving terrain and the implacable enemy. Fill the shoes of a patriotic soldier and experience the bravery, brotherhood, and sacrifice of the men guarding the country’s borders.” reads the description on Play Store, hinting at the over-arching story without sharing any information about the actual mechanics of the game.

As confirmed by the co-founder of nCore Games and the teaser of FAU-G, the first episode of the game is based on the recent Galwan Valley incident.

Though the game was announced right after the PUBG ban, nCore Games claim that it’s not a replacement for PUBG. In fact, the game was supposedly conceptualized by actor, Akshay Kumar and has been in production for a long time.

Despite what developers say, we can’t help but notice how similar PUBG and FAU-G sound! From the surface, it’s easy to assume the similarities between the game, but if one looks closer there are many differences between the two.

Source: Indian Express


  1. Different formats - FAU-G falls under the category of an action game while PUBG is a hardcore battle royale game. This means that in FAU-G you won’t be competing against other players but against specific enemies.
  2. Rooted in reality - It’s speculated that FAU-G is based on many events in Indian history that showcase the power of the Indian army while PUBG is based on a fictional battleground. So, playing FAU-G may not be as controversial as PUBG, after all, you can expect to learn a lot about Indian history while having fun!
  3. Made in India - Though PUBG Mobile India is all set to launch in India, it’s not entirely made in India. The game is a modified version of the original developed by South Korea-based PUBG Corporation. On the other hand, FAU-G is 100% made in India by developers at nCORE Games, based in Bengaluru.
  4. Data security - Since FAU-G is hosted on Indian data servers, players’ data will be stored locally and remain more secure. Before the ban, PUBG Mobile had several concerns about data security, however, this seems to have been solved with the upcoming new app especially developed for India.
  5. Social aspect - As per Akshay Kumar’s tweets, 20% of the profits from this game will be donated to 'Veer of India', an institution for army veterans established on behalf of the Home Ministry. There’s no such social cause that PUBG Mobile India supports as of now. However, PUBG is a competitive game which means there are several tournaments with hefty prize money for players to compete in.

So Who Wins: PUBG or FAU-G?

Truth is, PUBG and FAU-G are meant for different types of gamers. While PUB-G is ideal for those who are up for a quick battle royale game, FAU-G is ideal for those who look for an immersive gaming experience. Besides, there is still a lot to be revealed about the specifics of FAU-G. For instance, will it have a multiplayer mode or will it be a battle royale format? Without any clarity on the specifics, it’s hard to judge which game would become more popular in India.

As of now, there is no release date for either game yet. So we’ll have to just hold tight to see which game blows our socks off — the revamped PUBG mobile India or homegrown FAU-G.

Either way, FAU-G will push the boundaries of the Indian gaming industry and encourage many young developers to build unique games.