Raji: An Ancient Epic - Play or Nay?

Raji: An Ancient Epic is a hack-and-slash action, adventure, platformer, puzzle game that draws inspiration from Indian mythology.

Raji: An Ancient Epic - Play or Nay?

Before we start talking about Raji the game, allow us to begin with a fun fact (We promise you, it’s worth it). According to the World Economic Forum, video games are transforming how individuals communicate with each other (What’s so special about that? We already know the basic words that we need 🤬)


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Now circling back to Raji, why did we start with an entire lecture on sanskaar? Because Raji is one of India’s first homegrown, console-quality, indie video games. And piggybacking on Indian culture, it is set to take over the world!

Let’s take a closer look at Raji: An Ancient Epic with this detailed game guide.

What is Raji: An Ancient Epic?

Raji: An Ancient Epic is a hack-and-slash action, adventure, platformer, puzzle game that draws inspiration from Indian mythology. Deriving art from local folklore and incorporating it into the gameplay is no ground breaking innovation (Yes, we’re looking at you, God of War and Okami). However, Raji also promises a gripping storyline, along with an immersive graphic interface that has everyone excited!


The game, created by Pune-based developers Nodding Heads, deep dives through Hindu and Balinese mythology. The teenage protagonist (Raji Sharma) embarks on an adventure in pursuit of her brother, Golu, who was abducted by demons. In her quest, the circus performer battles these otherworldly entities with the help of gods and goddesses, like Durga and Vishnu.

Raji: An Ancient Epic game download is already available on Nintendo Switch, while it may take a while to mark its appearance over PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Reasons to Play Raji

We mean, apart from the fact that it has “Epic” already worked into its name, here are some reasons to pull the trigger on Raji: An Ancient Epic game download.

It is a Sensory Delight

Given its Indian origins, the game delivers exceptionally in the visual and aural department. A cursory glance through Raji’s screengrab displays that the devil is in the details. All the game frames are splashed with stunning visuals of ancient Rajasthani architecture mixed with Pahari art. From the highly detailed cutscenes played out by puppets to elaborate murals depicting scenes from epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana - you can witness them all.

On the other hand, the background score does not disappoint with an assortment of notes from traditional Indian instruments like the sitar, tabla, bansuri, etc. The music may appear tacky at first. However, it blossoms into a more suitable track as you progress through the game. It is also worth mentioning here that the developers have been so thorough with the game that you can even hear Raji’s payal and ornaments tinkling as she parkours across your screen.

You will come for the game but stay for the story!

You Support Indian Developers

The fact that an independent, Pune-based team of developers put together Raji makes it worth the hype. Founders Avichal Singh, Shruti Ghosh, and Ian Maude have shared how the project took three years, factoring in the delay due to the lack of funds. Their team has faced and overcome genuine adversity to put the Indian gaming culture on the global map. Through their toil and efforts, we finally have an Indian game of international level! So the least we could do is support and acknowledge their efforts and boost the demand for such diverse games.

A game does not leave any room for cultural appropriation (yes, no snake charmers!) and authentically depicts Indian culture. Seriously though, Raji should be the poster child of ‘Make In India’!

Diversity in Gameplay

Speaking of diversity, Raji also racks up some solid points for combining a gamut of gameplays. Raji goes beyond mere combat as your character interacts with the environment. You will come across mandala-shaped mini-puzzles, and there will be instances where the surroundings hold the clue to the puzzle. These offer a much-needed break from the usual jab-jab-jabbing and backflipping like Neo from The Matrix.

In terms of hack-and-slash gameplay, you get an array of weapons, from the entry-level Trishul and graduate to long-range projectiles, like the Chakra.

Powerful Narration

Raji game guide has the classic good vs. evil theme. However, it is the well-written script and talented voiceovers that seal the deal. The cutscenes with the 2D puppetry immediately draw you in and successfully capture one’s attention. This narration doubles as exposition for those keen to learn about Indian mythology. However, it can feel coerced in some sections.

The game narration is primarily in English, with a few occasional bits in Hindi. The game does offer French, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, and Korean subtitles for its international audiences.

It has a Strong Female Lead

Raji is a feminist saga where you see a sister battle it out to save her brother. That’s quite a breath of fresh air from the standard “my brother is my protector” troupe that Bollywood feeds us. And seriously, aren’t you tired of Lara Croft and Ellie (Okay, we can never be tired of them, but we can always want more female leads, right?)

Final Verdict

Raji is a beautiful medley of reality and fantasy.

It does have its fair share of issues in the form of lags, loss of graphic fidelity, and low-responsiveness. However, the developers plan on sorting them out immediately. While Raji doesn’t reinvent the wheel, it makes up for it with its engaging gameplay and storyline.

Our only major complaint? It gets over too soon!