Stream games in 1080p in Portrait Mode using Turnip App

Stream games in 1080p in Portrait Mode using Turnip App

Streaming your portrait games in landscape mode? Sounds weird. It’s time to change this! Portrait mode helps portrait game streamers, such as yourself, to provide a great experience to your viewers who are watching streams on their mobile devices.

Nowadays, almost 75% of the world’s population consumes content on their mobile phones. Entertainment has become convenient to watch and all you want is life to be easy, right? For all the streamers out there, stream your content with ease with portrait mode game streaming on the Turnip app!

You see what we’re talking about?

With games, such as Ludo or Chess, that are designed to be played in portrait mode, it is ideal to stream them vertically rather than in landscape mode. When you stream them in landscape mode, you tend to have black bars on either side of your streams or the stream tends to stretch out.

But when you’re building your career as a content creator or even just streaming for fun, you do need an audience and that comes from having streams that are easy for them to view (and of course, are fun to watch). So if you’re somebody who is a die-hard fan of Subway Surfers, Ludo, Chess and many such portrait games and love to stream them, we suggest you ditch the landscape mode streaming option and start streaming with portrait mode on the Turnip App!

How to setup Portrait Mode on Turnip

  1. 📲 Download the Turnip App
    Download the latest version of Turnip on your mobile device through the Play Store (Don’t worry iOS users, we’re coming for you soon! 🥺)
  2. 📱 Open The App
    When you open the app, click on ‘Stream/Record Tab’. Once done, you’ll get an option to ‘Stream Now’.
  3. ⚙️ Choose your preferred Stream settings
    Under stream setting, you’ll find an option of choosing your ‘Stream Mode’ where you can choose between landscape or portrait mode!
  4. 🎉 Choose Portrait Mode
    In the portrait mode stream overlay, you’ll also be able to access chats, number of subscribers, donations and much more!
Image #2: Selection of Portrait Mode and Its stream preview

Done? Great! Now you’re all set to stream in portrait mode at 1080p🎉

We’ve got so many other features lined up for you but till then,
Happy Streaming!