Stream to 10+ platforms with free Custom RTMP streaming on Turnip

Looking to enhance your live streaming? With Turnip's feature of Custom RTMP integration, you can multi-stream with ease!

Stream to 10+ platforms with free Custom RTMP streaming on Turnip

Looking to enhance your live streaming? With Turnip's feature of Custom RTMP integration, you can now stream to Trovo, Nimo, Rooter, Loco, Booyah and other platforms along with Facebook, YouTube, Twitch!

It’s time to have a loyal audience on Nimo, stream your FreeFire streams on Booyah but wait, are you looking to stream on Trovo too? Well…

At Turnip, we support direct integrations with Facebook, YouTube and Twitch but if you wish to stream to a platform besides these, you can opt to stream via the Custom RTMP feature. This feature is available free of cost on Turnip! 🎉🎉

What is Custom RTMP?

RTMP stands for Real Time Messaging Protocol and is supported by multiple streaming providers. And in the simplest manner, it lets you connect to a variety of streaming platforms using a specific stream URL and stream key.

Multi-streaming, now made easy!

As we strive to make the mobile streaming experience better for our users, you can now use the free of cost Custom RTMP feature on the Turnip app and live stream your gaming content on Trovo, Loco, Booyah and many such platforms. Through this, attracting a wider audience on multiple streaming platforms all at once is now much easier!

How to use Custom RTMP on the Turnip app?

All you’ve got to do is:
🎮 Go to ‘Setup Stream
🎮 Enable the ‘Custom RTMP’ toggle option in platform section
🎮 Once enabled, add the RTMP URL and Stream Key
(Note: Read along to know how to find the RTMP URL and Stream Key)

Image tutorial on how to use custom RTMP on Turnip app

While the RTMP URL usually stays the same every time you stream on that platform, the stream key might change a lot of times. Make sure you’re always putting the correct stream key or else your stream will not reach the required destination.
(Pro-tip: Always double check to avoid mistakes so you can stream hassle free!)

How can I get the Stream URL and Stream Key?

It isn’t as technical as it may sound but hey, we’re always here to help!
For instance, if you are streaming on YouTube through our app. You need to go on:

  1. Your ‘YouTube Homepage
  2. Go to the ‘Create’ option and click on ‘Go Live
  3. Under ‘Stream Settings’, you will be able to see your ‘Stream URL’ and ‘Stream Key’, copy paste those onto the app
  4. Done? you’re all set!

Limitations of Custom RTMP

Custom RTMP, though has its pros, has certain limitations for this and we can’t do much about it. Life isn’t always fair, you see 🥺

We’re sorry but you won’t be able to access chats in Custom RTMP. You need to open a separate platform dashboard for this 😭 and alerts such as views, donations, etc. are not visible within Custom RTMP either 😞

Pros of Custom RTMP

Turnip Custom RTMP is great for your gaming content as it:

🎮 Let’s you schedule your streams
🎮 Lets you multi-stream on different platforms thus expanding your audience
🎮 Lets you stream on channels of other streamers without having their credentials, great for casters. We understand how you, as a caster, have to stream on different YT channels and through this, we’ve made the process for you a tad bit easier!
🎮 Is free of cost!

With this feature on Turnip, you will be able to multi-stream your gaming content through your mobile without any hassle!

We’ve got many more features lined up for you. Till then, make the most out of this one. What do you say? Happy Streaming!