Since the launch of the beta version of Turnip, we’ve been listening to the feedback and working tirelessly to provide the best mobile streaming experience to our streamers. In our latest app update, we have introduced some of the most requested features and fixes for our lovely community!

  1. Internal audio support with adjustable volume (Android 10 only)

Yes, we have heard all about your internal audio problems on our Discord and Instagram. So you’d be happy to know that we have successfully enabled internal audio support. Now you can stream audio for games that support such a functionality. Currently, Among Us, PUBG, COD, and Free Fire support internal audio — so you should be able to stream them with no audio issues! Plus, you can also decrease or increase in-game audio with the slide feature.

2. Shield mode

Got an urgent phone call but don’t want to end your stream? Enable shield mode to stop screen casting in an instant and place a pause template on the screen. Shield mode will prevent you from unknowingly sharing your private information during your mobile streams.

3. Do not disturb mode

Don’t let notifications, calls, or messages disrupt your stream. Simply tap on the ‘Do not disturb’ mode and stream with zero interruptions. You can enable this mode from the Turnip app just before you go live — no hassle of opening your phone settings!

4. New themed overlays

Our library of overlays is ever growing! And this time, we have introduced cool overlays. based on games such as Among Us and COD. Stay patient, we’re working on introducing more fantastic template and custom overlay options!

5. Drag to dismiss

Stop the stream simply by dragging the Turnip app bubble to the bottom of the screen.

Can’t wait to try out our new features? Head over to the Play Store to download the latest version of Turnip and step up your streaming game!