Turnip Clubs: Hangout with friends and community online!

Turnip Clubs: Hangout with friends and community online!

Tired of searching for places to chill online? Well, stop right here because Turnip Clubs is the place to be. Host masterclasses, training sessions, livestream, gaming sessions, movie nights and so much more. All you need is a mobile phone and you’re good to go!

Okay, think about this: You’re sitting and browsing on your phone. You can’t meet your friends so you decide to chill online but the question pops, “where?”. It’s not something that only you’ve faced but so many others out there have too. Either you have to go through a trial period for the app, you can only access certain features of the app or you have to pay for this service. But….

What if we told you that there is a place where you can hangout with your friends online, free of cost? Turnip Clubs is your one-stop destination!

Flo-rida once said “Club Can’t Even Handle Me Right Now!”, but Turnip Clubs can handle anything!

Come learn how to create a club and your game room 👉🏼 here

What can I do in Turnip Clubs?

Turnip Clubs are the ideal place for you to hangout with your friends and your gaming community because you can use this for anything and everything!

Let us give you a few examples as to what all you could do:

  1. Watch Parties: Want to have a Movie Night? Watch a Stand Up or Livestreams on YouTube? It’s time to Turnip and Chill 🥳
  2. Masterclass sessions: Are you a creator, streamer or just somebody who has an immense amount of knowledge to pass on? Well, with great knowledge comes great responsibility and fulfil yours by hosting these sessions for your audience!
  3. Host Tournaments: Create a custom room within your club, add room details such as date, time, registration details and prize money and voila, you’re all set! Share the Club Room link to invite participants and get this tournament going!
  4. Listen to Songs 24x7: Create your room to listen to songs with your friends or your community anytime, anywhere!
  5. Play and chill: Play your favourite games with your friends, gaming community or your idol!
  6. Interact with your favourite creator: Always wanted to gain some tips from your favourite creator or just simply give them some tasks to do in their next stream? This just got easier! With Turnip Clubs, talk to your idol and not just this, as a creator, you can chill with your gaming community offline as well. Click here to know how!

You too can #TurnipTheHeat in your community with Clubs just like these creators:

Here’s what our ever growing Turnip fam has to say about us:

This is not the end to what all you can do on Turnip clubs but just the beginning..

We have more feature updates and gaming insights coming soon but till then, Happy Streaming!