Turnip Watch Party: Watch videos with friends on your mobile!

Watch shows, movies, streams, etc. anytime, anywhere on your phone for free!

Turnip Watch Party: Watch videos with friends on your mobile!

How many times have you and your friends gotten together on video calling platforms to watch Stand-up Shows or Watch livestreams on YouTube?

The effort behind this is heavy, not just on you but on your device as well. The system tends to slow down, the internet for everyone poses a problem and so many other issues. But, for all these problems, you’ve got one solution-
Turnip Watch Party!

What is Turnip Watch Party?

🎉  Watch Party by Turnip lets you get-together online with your community and friends to watch movies, shows, videos, sports and much more from just one single platform, anytime and anywhere. You can do all this while chatting and talking to them too!

Much like Netflix Party, it tends to open up a wide variety of options of what you can watch with your loved ones. But the best part? It can all be done on your phone!

How to start a Watch Party on Turnip?

Having fun with your friends and family online just got a whole lot easier!

Step #1: 📱 Download the Turnip App

Install the latest version of Turnip on your device. The app is available on Play Store & App Store.

Step #2:🚪 Create a Room

Inside your Turnip club, create a room for you and your tribe!

Step #3: 📹 Add a Video you want to Watch

Paste the link of the video that you want to watch. Make sure the video is available on YouTube! (More integrations coming soon 😁)

Step 4: ▶️ Click on Play Video

Voila! You can now watch anything with your group on Turnip Watch Party!

Why use Turnip Watch Party?

  1. Convenience
    Hangout online with your friends with zero hassles! Watch livestreams, music videos, shows, sports and much more on your phone on YouTube together with zero interruptions 🥳
  2. 1️⃣ Everything on a single app
    With Watch Party, all you need to do is create a room, put in the YouTube link and voila, you’re all set!
  3. 🔊 No Audio Issues or Lags
    Turnip Watch Party ensures that you and your friends have a smooth experience! Unlike your laptops or other video calling devices where you have to share your screen with your friends. By doing so, your screen tends to lag and the audio poses a problem. But hey, we fixed this issue for you 😏
  4. 🗣️ Voice Chat
    How often do you come across a platform that lets you watch videos with friends and have voice chats too? Exactly!
  5. 🌏 Anywhere & Anytime
    With Turnip Watch Parties, you can watch videos online with your community anytime and anywhere!

When you use video calling platforms and share your screens, the system tends to get heavy leading to your device heating up or also leading it to crashing. Why go through so much trouble just to have fun with your friends, right? So go ahead and download Turnip on your phones today!

Turnip: One single app, multiple uses and convenience 💯
We’ve got many more features lined up for you but till then, Happy Streaming!