How to Get Sponsored on YouTube: 3 Steps to Get Sponsored as a Streamer

When you get sponsorship for your YouTube streaming channel, you enjoy complete or partial funding/backing from companies that wish to get associated with you and your channel.

How to Get Sponsored on YouTube: 3 Steps to Get Sponsored as a Streamer

There are several ways to make money through video games (and let nobody tell you otherwise 🤑!). And getting sponsored is one of them.

Live streaming platforms, such as YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Gaming have made eSports content more accessible. In response to this trend, a growing number of companies are investing in advertising and marketing through sponsored streams.

But how to get sponsored on YouTube? And what does it take to get there? Let’s take a look.

What is đź’° Sponsored Streaming đź’°?

Remember the 'Sahara' printed across Indian cricket players’ jerseys back in the 2000s?

How to get sponsored on YouTube

Yes, that was sports sponsorship. And now think of the digital streaming equivalent of Sahara, and that’s sponsored streaming in a nutshell!

When you get sponsorship for your YouTube streaming channel, you enjoy complete or partial funding/backing from companies that wish to get associated with you and your channel.

Sponsored streaming also comes in different packaging, some of the most common of these include:

  • Affiliate Code Sponsorship, where businesses offer promos and discount codes to streamers. On promoting sales through this code, streamers secure a commission that is a percentage of the revenue.
  • Hybrid Sponsorship is sort of an upgrade to the Affiliate Code Sponsorship where the streamer, apart from the commission, also receives some additional perks, such as free products or items for contests and giveaways.
  • Pure Sponsorship is a God-tier sponsorship where those who get sponsored receive monthly benefits in the form of money, products, and promos in exchange for promoting the business.

Simple Steps to Attract Brands and Get Sponsored on YouTube

Interestingly, you do not necessarily need to have a mammoth viewer base to clinch a sponsored streaming deal. Surprised? It may be shocking, yet it is true. Here’s how to attract brands and get sponsored on YouTube for small channels (and yes, this guide works for established channels too!):

Level 1: Make Your Channel Sponsor-worthy

What’s the first thing that you do when you have guests over? You clean and fix up your home! And what if the stakes are really high? (Think a business client or a hot date!)

You will leave no stone unturned in the above task!

So how would it be any different for your streaming channel? Declutter your channel and sell your channel in its most presentable state. Brands need to be sure that you are worth their money, so turn up your showmanship!

Pull up your socks and update the information section, use the right kind of hashtags, and share all your contact details. Maintain design and visual consistency (such as same color scheme, overlays, logos, etc.) across all live streaming apps to make yourself more recognizable. Don’t know how to get started? Here’s a guide on overlays and thumbnails to make your channel sponsor worthy ASAP!

First impressions matter, and you need to establish your brand presence right away.

Level 2: Identify the Stream Sponsor Brands

Once you have tidied up your channel, it is now time to go hunting… brand hunting.

Ideally, you can always start with brands that you personally use or endorse. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be dishing out big names. However, you would at least be sincere with your sponsored streaming approach.

Another excellent strategy would be to identify an up and coming brand and sponsoring it. These organizations are often actively seeking promoters who can spread the word.

How to get sponsorship on YouTube
Source: YouTube channel - CarryIsLive

Finally, a quick hack on locating sponsors would be through tools/apps or simply snagging a few names from your competitors’ sponsors!

Once you have a basic list, carry out a quick research on the sponsors.

A simple checklist like this would help here:

  • Is the company trustworthy?
  • What is the company’s brand reputation?
  • Does it offer sponsorship?
  • Do you think their product or service carries weight?
  • Would you use their product yourself?
  • Why do you/would you use the product?
  • What are the company’s sponsorship policies?
  • Would your audiences relate to or buy from the sponsors?

Level 3: Pitch Your Channel to Sponsors

Depending on your findings, you need to start approaching your shortlisted sponsors. Rather than beating about the bush, drive the point straight home that you are looking for sponsorship.

And while there is no formula to writing the perfect pitch, including the following details in your proposal can positively tip the scales in your favor:

  • A brief introduction
  • Your knowledge of the company (go off the script and make it quirky to grab their attention!)
  • Value proposition (How the sponsorship will be mutually beneficial - alignment of brands, how you can help them reach market objectives, etc.)
  • A portfolio of clips from your streaming channel
  • Key metrics, like average viewer count, number of subscribers, engagement, etc.
  • References
  • Links to your streaming channels

Go the good ol’ way of drafting the first proposal 📝and then editing it until you are pleased with the final output. Keep it friendly yet professional.

After sharpening your sword of words, start a raid by contacting the sponsors through the following channels:

  • Emails (old but gold) 📧
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • eSports events (Some personal one-on-one could be your golden touch!)
  • Online gaming and eSports forums

Once you have gotten noticed, you need to ensure that you don’t become a blip under the radar. As such, keep the communication flowing to form and nurture relationships with these brands.

Final Stage: Outline the Terms of Sponsorship

Persistence is the key driver in this uphill climb of getting sponsored. You may have to pass through multiple brands before you strike gold. However, the moment you get a confirmation, you can move on to negotiating terms. Know your market value before underbidding or overbidding your services. Work out all the terms and conditions of the sponsorship and get it in writing.

Once everything is set, it is time to sign the dotted line. Congratulations on getting sponsored! 🏅

Parting Thoughts

Getting sponsored is one of the best answers to “How to make money on YouTube?” It is also pretty versatile.

You can use the above tips and learn how to get sponsored on YouTube or you can do the unwise thing - limit your income to YouTube ad sense forever!