YouTube Live is one of the biggest live streaming platforms on the face of the Internet. It hosts thousands of streamers of all kinds and is a favourite among gamers across platforms from PC to console to mobile. An average of 750,000 viewers concurrently watch streams on YouTube Live at any given time, and that number is steadily rising. A major part of YouTube Live's appeal is the reach it has and the unrivalled number of people who use the platform across the world. This makes YouTube Live one of the best platforms for streamers of any size, but especially for those that are looking to grow their audience.

Growing your audience and reach on YouTube takes dedication to producing quality content that is both relevant and engaging. Paying attention to the various metrics that YouTube Channel analytics provides streamers with can go a long way in understanding how you can grow your audience.

Here's a breakdown of what these metrics mean to your channel and what you can do to improve them:

The following are real-time YouTube Channel analytics accessible to you from Live Control Room:

Viewer Count

The YouTube Live viewer count lets you see how many people are watching your stream and also lets you see if there are any members. Additionally, the tab also shows you any Super Chats you might have received during your stream.

Live Subscriber Count

The YouTube Live subscriber count lets you see how many followers you gained during and after your live stream and how much your channel has grown over the past weeks, months, or even years.

Stream Health

This indicates the quality of your connection to YouTube, taking into consideration the speed of your Internet, latency and server-side issues. This metric, however, does not tell you anything about the lag that users might face on their end owing to the strength of their own network.

YouTube live analytics


This is simply the number of times the stream web page has been loaded and includes refreshes. However, changing the quality of the stream doesn't affect this metric.


The number of likes a video or stream gets is an important factor that indicates how popular and engaging your content is and helps YouTube's algorithm decide which streams or videos it promotes and suggests to users.

Watch Time

Watch time is simply the total amount of minutes that your videos have been watched. This metric plays an important role in YouTube's discovery algorithm, which prioritizes channels with higher watch times in search results and recommendations. The YouTube algorithm associates higher watch times with more engaging content, which makes it more likely to recommend a video with a higher watch time. A great way to improve your watch time is to actively engage with your live stream viewers to make it an interactive experience.

YouTube channel analytics: Watch time

Audience Retention

Audience retention is a metric that analyses how long live stream viewers watch your content and what percentage of them leave the video at each second. Recommendations and search rankings give videos with higher audience retention priority as it indicates that the content is attention-grabbing and interesting to viewers. You can analyze your audience retention metrics to find what parts of the stream seemed dull and improvise techniques to make your content more engaging.


Another important YouTube insight is the demographic. This helps you get an idea of the age, gender and location of your live stream viewers, as well as their respective levels of engagement through the YouTube Live chat, so you can tailor your content to appeal to a wider audience in case your videos seem to only appeal to a niche, allowing you to grow your channel much faster and more effectively.

Playback Locations

This metric analyses where and how your content is being consumed. It tells you which social media sites give you the highest traffic and which websites that embedded your video give you a larger audience. This information will help you better channel your marketing and distribution efforts, making growing your channel easier and more effective.


This gives you information about which sources generate traffic and what devices your videos are being watched on the most. This insight helps tailor your content creation and production strategy so that it is better suited to the majority of your audience, which in turn will result in better engagement from those users.

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